Submit any picture you think would fit the ridiculous nature of this site.


If your picture is taller than 1200px tumblr will automatically shrink it to 1200px. If the picture you submit is very tall, shrinking it to 1200px will probably make any text too small to read and I will reject the picture.

I delete pictures that:
- I know have been on the site recently
- Are not that funny (chances are if it’s an inside joke between you and your friend, it’s not funny).
- Have anything to do with planking. Planking is fucking stupid. I’m not posting anything pro or anti planking. If we ignore it, it’ll go away.
-Yolo also is fucking stupid and won’t show up here.

Sometimes it takes me about a week to go through all the submissions. Don’t resubmit, I’ll delete all of them.

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