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Before you send a message, here are the ones I get all the time:

- Who is Frozach? Is Frozach your other account?

It is rumored that frozach wanders the streets at night finding funny pictures in alley ways and dark crevasses. Legend has it frozach will only appear when you look into the mirror and say “frozach submitted” 3 times during a full moon. There was a man who once met frozach in person… emphasas on was.

- What does I Raff I Ruse mean?


- You took this from my blog!

No. The images on this site come from a large number of sources, all of which are outside of tumblr.

- You removed my watermark!

No. Images are never modified except in the cases where they are too large for tumblr’s limit (1200px tall) and the original creators watermark is always left intact. If it’s missing, that’s because it was found that way. The only situations where I do remove a watermark are sites that repost content and add their own watermark (like 9gag).

- Hey asshole, you posted my image. Fuck you!


- Hey, I see you posted my image. Do you mind giving me credit?

Not at all. Just send a link to your post and it’ll be added as such. A link is required because there have been cases where people want to be credited as the source when they really weren’t.

- Why don’t you reblog?

As mentioned earlier, the sources are all outside of tumblr and reblogging can only happen to another tumblr blog. Even if the image started on tumblr, it’s been passed around enough that it shows up everywhere. This is the nature of the internet, don’t take it personally.

The question I have has not been answered here.

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